In Kuta, it is impossible for you to lose the idea of where to go. Since there are thousand entertainment spots that surely will kill time so fast. No matter who you are single traveler, traveler with family, or a group of travelers, Kuta makes all of you can enjoy every time. This district on the southern area of Bali is the place for vigorously active people. Here is some places where you can make fun in Kuta.

Waterbom Bali Day Pass

Wet and fun are the two things that you definitely get at Waterbom. This wide park supplies various facilities that will make you addicted gliding from high place to the pool. All facilities are completed with international-standard safety that will ensure you and your loved ones enjoy the fun fully.

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kuta surf school

Surf School
Kuta beach is the best spot to surf; it is without doubt. But the problem is you can’t surf. Don’t worry there are many selections of surf schools providing you with professional tutors to teach you how to surf. Pro Surf School and Odysseys Surf School are two surf schools which will make you be able to stand on the surf board.

anika spa kuta

Spa Houses
After shopping for hours and having fun with water at Waterbom, your body must be so tired. Spa houses which are available in huge number will help you to regain the energy back. Enjoy the special indulgent from certified therapist using aromatherapy essential oil and end your spa ritual with refreshing body mask. Visit Bali Traditional Massage of Anika Spa in Kuta.

kuta beach

Kuta Beach.
Obviously! How can people spend holiday in Kuta without visiting this famous beach? This white-sand beach offers dramatic sunset view as well as perfect spot to have fun on the surf board. This is also the place where you can get natural brown skin.

centro shopping mall

Considered as one stop shopping, Centro give you wide-ranging branded and local stuffs. This super mall which backyard is Kuta Beach is really stylish in term of architecture and this place is the place where many youngsters hang out. Karaoke, food court, Sogo, and many others are available in one place.

Clubs and Pubs along the roadside
Many people believe, life in Kuta begins at ten. When other areas start to be empty at 10, Kuta is more crowded and vibrant. Many people flock the clubs and pubs and music is always on till dawn. This kind of place is perfect for single traveler where you can make friends with somebody there or if you are not in the mood to talk with somebody then just dance and enjoy the liquor. Cheers!

At Ubud you will be presented with spectacular views hard to be found in other places. Besides, majestic green gorges and river valley, Ubud is also renowned for hypnotizing rice terraces which is too good to be true. You will be impressed when seeing fabulous wide green carpet in Tegalalang area.

Tegalalang Rice Terrace

Tegalalang Rice Terrace which has been a favorite tourist destination since long ago is located on the road between Ubud-Kintamani. You can find many Bali Tour Packages visit this area in the itinerary. It is easy to be found, just 15 minute drive from central Ubud. So stop your car for a while to adore the stunning rice terraces. Locals built some cafes and restaurants overlooking the green rice paddy enriched also with towering coconut trees and small river valley. While enjoying your snacks or meals you can also see how local farmers work on their fields.

“Why come to Bali for eating Burger?” It is a satire for those travelers who eat other dishes instead of trying Balinese cuisines in Bali. Yes Ayam Betutu is a popular Balinese cuisine renowned for its rich spices and tender chicken flesh because it is made with secret special technique. Where can I get the authentic Ayam Betutu Bali?

Actually, the most famous of Ayam Betutu is in Gilimanuk, the harbor area in Jembrana regency and in Mellinggih Village, Gianyar regency. However, you can find this exotic food almost in every area in Bali including the restaurant at a Hotel or you can try to make this dish by take the Indonesian Cooking Class in Canggu with an Expert. This spicy dish due to the use of many chilies has hypnotized many travelers especially domestic tourists who fond of eating spicy meals. Before they pass through the strait to go back to Java Island they usually buy a whole chicken Betutu for their relatives. If you want to buy Ayam Betutu from Mellinggih Village, it needs an advanced reservation since the cooking process of this tasty dish takes 6-8 hours.

Fast food restaurants become primary choices for you during spending some times in Kuta or Nusa Dua. Because you are in hurry or this kinds of restaurant offer you good taste products at affordable price. But if you trip to Ubud, don’t expect it!

Local government claimed that fast food restaurant is not matched with the value held by Ubud community. In the meantime, they will produce a lot of plastic garbage that will definitely affect on the environment. Besides, local restaurants and local people can take more advantages without fast food restaurants in Ubud. It is considerably a good way to preserve Ubud keep on its track as naturally spiritual destination.