“Why come to Bali for eating Burger?” It is a satire for those travelers who eat other dishes instead of trying Balinese cuisines in Bali. Yes Ayam Betutu is a popular Balinese cuisine renowned for its rich spices and tender chicken flesh because it is made with secret special technique. Where can I get the authentic Ayam Betutu Bali?

Actually, the most famous of Ayam Betutu is in Gilimanuk, the harbor area in Jembrana regency and in Mellinggih Village, Gianyar regency. However, you can find this exotic food almost in every area in Bali including the restaurant at a Hotel or you can try to make this dish by take the Indonesian Cooking Class in Canggu with an Expert. This spicy dish due to the use of many chilies has hypnotized many travelers especially domestic tourists who fond of eating spicy meals. Before they pass through the strait to go back to Java Island they usually buy a whole chicken Betutu for their relatives. If you want to buy Ayam Betutu from Mellinggih Village, it needs an advanced reservation since the cooking process of this tasty dish takes 6-8 hours.